Last week on August 31st, the Tomatina event took place. This article will briefly describe this event. This is a big event for the NEM/SYMBOL community this year. Users have been advised to create a new account to avoid accidentally sending XYM coins.

You can read what tomatina is in more detail in our previous article 👉 HERE. The users who supported the Tomatina festival are enthusiasts, application developers who daily support the Symbol infrastructure, thereby linking their mosaic to their domain with their name and .tomato subdomain

By the way, 30 mosaics were created with the .tomato subdomain and there were also several other mosaics with a different subdomain.”

Tomatina2022 tools:

  • Decentralized exchange Tomato DeX

This exchange allows you to exchange mosaics (.tomato)

  • Tomatin monitoring service

Monitoring service Tomatina – allows you to track and display all issued mosaics in the .tomato subdomain

  • Tomatina game

This game allows you to throw “tomatoes” at another player, thereby sending transactions.

Throwing Tomatoes

For many users in the Symbol Tomatina community, this will be an opportunity to see how the mosaic can be applied, so on August 31st at 10am JST, @Mikun did the first “throw” of the mosaic, kicking off the event.

Increasing the number of transactions in Symbol

Interesting fact: Symbol network averages ~6000-8000 transactions per day every day, but yesterday (Tomatina2022) there were 33628 transactions recorded in the network. The difference between these figures is more than 17.84%.

As for the block count in UTC time, this value showed:

31 Aug.0:00-24:00(UTC) 1,530,843 ~ 1,533,723   

Number of Tweets for August 31st

Also, if you look at the statistics of tweets with #Symbol hashtags for August 31, you can see that their number has more than doubled.


When users submitted a .tomato mosaic, they added the following emoji:

By the way, you can find different illustrations of Tomatina 2022 on Twitter and Discord, so you can take a look at them:


SymbolTimes: What do you think of this Tomatina2022 event, please?

Radio:  First of all, I would like to note that due to Japanese legislation in the field of cryptocurrencies, it is difficult to create a gambling business or DeFi in Japan. Therefore, in relation to this, you see that the .tomato mosaic cannot be exchanged for either fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

The XEMBook user, who is the creator of the Tomatina festival, often talks about this “that it costs nothing to send a mosaic of tomatoes”, which means that this token has no financial value.

But I believe that Tomatina has great value and great potential. This year, I noticed that there were many participants from all over the world, not just from Japan. They made their own tomato mosaics and threw them at each other. There was a definite global expansion of Symbol Tomatina. I’m so confident and proud of it.

A large number of users were involved, and the fees for all transactions in XYM were very small. So one day, when there are more games, dApps (decentralized applications) on Symbol, that means we will have many more transactions, and transactions will bring us harvesting.

It is important to note that making transactions on the Symbol blockchain is very important, as our ecosystem uses the POS + consensus algorithm, and an event like tomatina shows us the prospects for the future.


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