EXYM wallet review and interview with developer Ryo


Today we are going to talk about EXYM mobile wallet which is very easy to use and allows you to create your own wallet design making this wallet unique. We will tell you how to test the EXYM wallet now, as the wallet is currently undergoing public beta testing, and we will also interview the developer of the EXYM wallet.

The Symbol Times news portal was one of the first to apply for public beta testing in order to better understand the EXYM mobile wallet. First of all, we want to say that at the moment the wallet supports only the Japanese version of the language, for foreign users this puts a certain barrier in using the wallet, but do not worry, because in the near future the EXYM wallet will add support for English. Read more details further in the article.


Main page

By the way, on September 16, the EXYM wallet received the ver.0.10.0 update, so if you use Expo, be sure to update your wallet.

All you need is to open the Expo program and launch the EXYM application, the update will be installed automatically.

How to apply for the public beta testing of the wallet?

  • Next, register in the Expo application.
  • Apply for participation in beta testing, (specify your login from the Expo application).

P.S: If you get the error โ€œYou must be logged in to complete this requestโ€ while working with the Expo application (IOS version), then you need to:

  • Open settings.
  • Scroll down and select the Safari browser.
  • In the Safari settings, scroll down and select the “Block cookies” option, you need to disable the blocking.

Instructions in Japanese ๐Ÿ‘‰ here

Metaverse EXYM in Cluster

I would like to note that there is an EXYM metauniverse made in the Cluster program. EXYM wallet designs are on display in this metaverse. We can see some of the work.

Metaverse EXYM
Metaverse EXYM

You can get to this metaverse through this link

๐Ÿ‘‰ https://cluster.mu/w/c707abcc-c290-4ba7-8d83-3009e6f3bfb9

As we understand that this room will be updated so your work can be added, write about it to Ryo.

Ryo Developer Interview

We have prepared a series of questions for Ryo to better understand the features of the EXYM wallet, and if you wish, you can also join their official EXYM Lab discord ๐Ÿ‘‰ https://discord.gg/Aqsxsb9ktx, twitter account Ryo ๐Ÿ‘‰ https://twitter.com/ry0_cha_ng

SymbolTimes: Please tell our SymbolTimes readers why your mobile wallet is called EXYM?

Ryo: The name of the mobile wallet EXYM consists of 2 parts:

  • EX = expresses “EXpression” and “EXperience”.
  • XYM = denotes the native currency of the Symbol blockchain.

We want EXYM wallet users to express themselves through โ€œcustom redesignโ€ and make payments with XYM quickly and securely. Therefore, this name was born from feelings.

SymbolTimes: How many people are on your EXYM wallet development team?

Ryo: I’m in product development, before the creation of the EXYM Lab discord, and ideas, bug reports, requests for improvements, etc. are supported by people from the Symbol community who are interested in developing EXYM, so I’m not the only one doing it.

SymbolTimes: Your wallet is in Japanese, do you plan to integrate other languages and when?

Ryo: We plan to support other languages and we are currently in the process of compiling the text displayed in the app. In the near future we plan to turn to volunteers for help. Thanks for your collaboration.

SymbolTimes: Can you please tell us about the positive aspects of working with the Symbol blockchain? Why did you choose the Symbol blockchain? 

Ryo: Since Symbol was my first project, I was introduced to it thanks to other Japanese Symbol developers. This application is used not only for basic functions such as transferring transactions, but also for reading data from the Symbol blockchain so that you can change the design with NFT (EXYM_NFT_Theme).

As for NFT, since all data is stored in the block chain itself, there is no risk of data loss, which, in my opinion, is great, since you can easily create a service that adds some added value to NFT work. In addition, as a payment, the Symbol blockchain uses the native XYM mosaic, which is already distributed in Japan, and this is useful for “proving that the mosaic belonging to you is not a fictitious thing.”

In the area of payments, Symbol has a lot of enthusiasts who are integrating payment with Symbol in their stores. This is the main attraction of Symbol for me. No matter how good the system is, it will become obsolete if no one uses it. To prevent this from happening, I would like to create a mobile application that will be easy and convenient to use.

SymbolTimes: Please tell us a little about yourself, how did you come to the Symbol blockchain?

Ryo: In January 2021, I heard about the Symbol airdrop from a friend, and thatโ€™s how I got introduced to crypto assets. While studying Symbol technology, I met various developers from the community who were already developing something using Symbol technology, and this motivated me a lot, and I continued to study Symbol further.

SymbolTimes: At the moment, the EXYM mobile wallet is only available through Expo Go, do you plan to release a separate EXYM release for AppStore and PlayMarket in the future?

Ryo: Yes, in the future we plan to release EXYM as a native app in the AppStore and PlayMarket. Having a corporate status (the presence of a company) as a condition for issuing a crypto wallet in the AppStore is a big obstacle, but I hope to overcome it.


In conclusion, we would like to add that we were very happy to interview Ryo and wish him the best of luck in developing the EXYM wallet. I would also like to note that the EXYM wallet has support from the Shinkuma Lab, which includes large investors including nembear ๐Ÿป and Tresto ๐Ÿบ (as an advisor). Read more ๐Ÿ‘‰ HERE. Therefore, this should also help in the development of the EXYM wallet, let’s follow the success of the EXYM mobile wallet.

Thank you for reading this article and at the end of this article, you can watch this interesting video from Tresto๐Ÿบ, which he created with Blender, to simulate the EXYM wallet.


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