Hello dear readers, today we will tell you about the Arcana wallet and also interview the Shu developer. Perhaps many of you know about the NEMLOG crypto blog, so we will touch on this topic too, since NEMLOG is created by the same developer as the Arcana wallet.

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You can download the Arcana wallet from the following links:


If you already have a Symbol wallet address, you can very easily import your wallet or register your account through the Arcana wallet. We want to note that the Arcana mobile application has support for the native XYM (Symbol) token, as well as the ability to manage mosaics directly in the mobile application. In our opinion, this is a very cool feature, so if you need to send a mosaic very quickly, then there is no need to use the Symbol desktop wallet.

Video about the Arcana wallet from the developer Shu:

You can manage your addresses very easily by adding your aliases and images to your addresses, this is done so that you can visually separate your accounts (if you have more than one), and this will not cause you any confusion when using the mobile application.


The wallet was created by the Japanese developer Shu and of course the local language of the application was Japanese, but over time the application received support for several languages. Therefore, users outside of Japan will be comfortable working with the application and there will be no language barrier. The most popular languages have been added, and if you want to add other languages, please write to the developer πŸ‘‰ Shu on Twitter.


Interview with Shu Developer


SymbolTimes: Tell us how you came up with the idea to create the Arcana mobile wallet?

Shu: At one time I created a cryptoblog called NEMLOG and I had several wallets, so I created the Arcana mobile application, because I thought it would be nice to have an application that simultaneously displays the balance of each wallet.

Of course, I knew that there was an official Symbol mobile wallet, but it was too slow and inconvenient for me, since I needed to manage a multisig account for the NEMLOG Foundation, so I wanted to be able to quickly sign aggregated transactions using my phone.

Shortly before creating the Arcana mobile app, I was learning a new programming language and also wanted to output something. Therefore, Arcana was originally developed as a balance and multi-signature checker for the NEMLOG cryptoblog, which would suit my personal requirements quite well.

Aggregate transaction scams existed at the time, and to protect NEMLOG Fund members when signing transactions, I added a more secure signing system to Arcana.

Since someone from the Symbol community had plans to launch other wallets, I decided not to add a money transfer function so as not to interfere with the development of other wallets. However, contrary to my expectations, many people started using Arcana, and there were many requests to add various features such as money transfers and multilingual, then I reflected the user’s voice in the mobile application.

Personally, I think that Symbol is a good tool for fun (entertainment) only, so I put effort into the entertainment aspect, such as the image for the mosaic function and Gacha (lottery).

SymbolTimes: Can you tell me why you named your mobile wallet Arcana?

Shu: When I think of a name for this kind of product, I focus on giving it multiple meanings. As I mentioned, Arcana is designed to check balance, so I first called this application “Balance Arukana”

“Arukana” means “Do I have ~?” in Japanese, while Arukana and Arcana have the same pronunciation.

In addition, Arcana also means “Mystery” and “Secret”, expressing the mysterious atmosphere of the blockchain, and there is also a flower, its name is Arcana, that belongs to “Murasaki” departments.

The name Arcana contains the purpose of the app and a metaphor for the Symbol. The intention of not using the Symbol name was to avoid conflicts with the official wallet.

SymbolTimes: What are the main differences between your Arcana wallet and the official Symbol mobile wallet?

Shu: I think you all understand this better than me, but the biggest difference is that the Arcana mobile wallet is faster than the official Symbol mobile wallet. Therefore, it is enough just to update your balance and the current balance will be instantly displayed in the application.

Since the Arcana wallet uses many secret algorithms that are not in the official wallet, in fact, this is the β€œSecret” of Arcana, which I wrote about earlier. Therefore, this wallet has much more features than the official mobile wallet.

When I start development, I always think about the security algorithm first. Once I have a secure algorithm, I start the rest of the development. The Arcana mobile wallet has a more secure structure than the official Symbol mobile wallet, so I find it much more secure to use, but please use it at your own risk.

SymbolTimes: What is your favorite programming language, tell us how you became a programmer and what influenced it in your life?

Shu: I had a desktop PC when I was in high school, but there were no games, so I decided to make them, which is my programming start story.

Although programming is my hobby for implementing my ideas, I don’t like the process of programming itself. I don’t know of a more troublesome job than writing a program and creating its environment. Therefore, I don’t have a preferred programming language.

I have a lot of ideas, but I hate writing code, so development depends on my motivation. The most important thing is to have what I want to implement, even if I do what I don’t like. However, I think I have learned a lot from programming. Even if the same function is implemented differently, by different programmers. I would like to say there is not only one answer, not only one way of thinking.

I also feel weird when people call me a “programmer” because I have very few programming skills and I feel that programming is just a tool for what I want to achieve. Not only programming, I’m just learning what I need.

SymbolTimes:  How did you come to the Symbol blockchain and what is the Symbol blockchain for you?

Shu: There was a huge bear market in 2018 so I developed NEMLOG because at the time I wanted to do something and I had some NEM. I was hoping for a Catapult update at the time. The Symbol blockchain is just a tool for me, and even now I don’t consider it an investment.

SymbolTimes: The cryptocurrency market is currently in a bearish trend. What advice can you give to SymbolTimes readers during this difficult time?

Shu: Naturally, the market has ups and downs. Although the price of cryptocurrency (BTC) has excessive volatility, I believe that technical analysis is easier than in the foreign exchange market. Since most currencies now tend to be led by BTC, I recommend studying technical and fundamental analysis, as these skills can be used for trading cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is important to look at the market for a long period and not catch up with it in the momentary price.

Also, cryptocurrency is not the only investment option, so I think it’s good to have different points of view and not turn a blind eye to something else.

I would like you to invest not only in monetary investments, but also in your own training and in yourself. By acquiring a variety of new knowledge and increasing my own value, I believe that good opportunities will come into your life.

SymbolTimes: How do the Japanese feel about cryptocurrencies? How does the Japanese government feel about blockchain?

Shu: Social networks like Twitter have a lot of positive opinions about cryptocurrencies because the followers have similar ideologies, but I think most people in Japan have negative impressions because they are conservative.

I used to travel to foreign countries for work and was often surprised by the digital progress in other countries. I hope that Japan becomes more open to new challenges without fear of failure. As for the Japanese government, I have a lot of complaints and thoughts about the digital realm, including blockchain, but I don’t mention politics in a public place because it leads to unnecessary controversy.

SymbolTimes: What is your favorite hobby/interest?

Shu: I have many hobbies, but now I don’t have time, but I would like to get acquainted with something.


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