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Hello dear readers, today we will be interviewing an active member of the NEM/Symbol community from Japan, for many the article will be interesting and exciting, as many are familiar with ESSAN, so this is an exclusive interview with him.

You can read the article in Russian πŸ‘‰ here

SymbolTimes has many friends in the Japanese community, and one of them is ESSAN, who we interviewed and are very grateful to ESSAN for agreeing. We will talk a little about Symbol nodes and also touch on the topic of NFTs.

By the way, Symbol illustrators recently drew ESSAN, and it caused him great delight. You can see his image here.


If you are engaged in harvesting (mining), then ESSAN has its own website https://essan.me where he writes about the privilege of delegating to his Symbol nodes πŸ‘‰ 00A06705.xym.stir-hosyu.com, and an additional node πŸ‘‰ xym859.allnodes.me. Therefore, in order to receive additional rewards for harvesting (mining), you need to connect to its nodes.

ESSAN also has its own discord channel, we have already joined and you too, dear friends πŸ‘‰ https://discord.com/invite/xN2aexPCBX. In this discord channel, you can read interesting information about Symbol, as well as study NFT projects.

What is NFT? Additional links

The abbreviation NFT is translated as β€œnon-fungible token”. Therefore, a blockchain is a database that is stored on a huge number of computers. Tokens, in turn, represent an entry in the blockchain ledger.

What can be traded as an NFT? Almost anything can be sold as a work of art – music, images, text, video, 3D models – that is, any digital product that claims to be unique.

If you are already involved in NFTs, on the Symbol blockchain, or just want to get started, then you need to know that there are 2 NFT marketplaces (HEXA, COMSA) that officially support Symbol to sell your art.

Personally, it’s easier for SymbolTimes to post their art on COMSA, although COMSA has less bidding than HEXA.

If you would like to explore the NFT collections from ESSAN, the following links are provided.

For example, here is an art work from ESSAN
πŸ‘‰ https://nft.hexanft.com/en/nftmatic/2432


There is also a great collection on OpenSea


If you are collaborating with the COMSA NFT platform, I think it makes sense to join the group on twitter πŸ‘‰ https://twitter.com/i/communities/1496796104482254849.

But if you are partnering with the HEXA NFT platform, please join the following twitter group πŸ‘‰  https://twitter.com/i/communities/1543128369604153349

Interview with ESSAN

SymbolTimes: Tell us a little about yourself, what do you do in the NFT field? What is your activity?

Essan: I am very bad at drawing illustrations, but I really like art work (NFT). My main activity in the NFT sector is related to the HEXA platform, which allows transactions in Japanese yen, and we are creating a new NFT community. Thanks to my promotion of XYM to HEXA, the first payment in XYM cryptocurrency started in September 2022 and was accepted.

We are currently introducing XYM to HEXA creators, promoting XYM payments in HEXA NFTs, and supporting various events. In addition, I recently got serious about OpenSea and created an NFT art community for the whole world, thus becoming a bridge and I am actively working in SYMBOL as a symbol node operator.

SymbolTimes: What is your favorite platform to publish your NFT work?

Essan: I would like to say it’s COMSA, but it’s actually HEXA, because the HEXA platform is the main base of my activities, from the HEXA wallet, virtual currency to gas with no commission for Japanese yen.

SymbolTimes: How did you come to the Symbol/NEM blockchain? And also what connects you with the project?

Essan: I joined the project from the days of NEM to the advent of the SYMBOL blockchain, and bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency I owned. When I went to the Japanese exchange Coincheck, which at that time had a different name, I was attracted by the nice three-color NEM logo. When I started learning about a cryptocurrency called NEM, I found out about its amazing harvesting feature (similar to mining), and I immediately felt like I was hooked in a good way. Since my time at NEM, I have been surrounded by cheerful, kind and warm people. Of course, even now, when we expand the range of our activities, this has not changed. What connects me to NEM/SYMBOL? So this is “community”. So I think “community” is everything.

SymbolTimes: The cryptocurrency market is currently in a bearish trend. What advice can you give to SymbolTimes readers during this challenging time?

Essan: I’m one of those people who is long-term oriented so I don’t really see the ups and downs of prices, but every financial sector has its ups and downs. There are many things you can enjoy even if you are “weak”. So let’s look at this situation from the bottom up.

SymbolTimes: What is your favorite hobby/interest?

Essan: I host events every day for 365 days, so XYM has become my hobby (laughs). In addition, I like delicious food and drink.

SymbolTimes: What is your favorite dish?

Essan: Most of all I love umeboshi. These are not sweet umeboshi, but an old-fashioned umeboshi marinated in shiso and salt. These are the salted fruits of the Prunus mume apricot. The Japanese believe that umeboshi reduce fatigue, help with heart disease and sore throats. Umeboshi pairs perfectly with pickles and sake! Also, I make my own pickles.

Thank you very much for reading our article to the end, we hope you enjoyed this content. Join our discord SymbolTimes

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