Desktop and mobile wallets SYMBOL & NEM


Crypto wallets are an important tool for trading, buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Users need them to store XYM and XEM, as well as to protect and verify transaction information.



Statistics on Symbol and NEM nodes.

Symbol Community Projects and Products


OPENSPHERE Inc. , the software developer in Japan (CEO: Shinichi Hanayama) has been developed tipping platform “QUEST” targeted to streamers, which is based on Symbol blockchain.


NFT-Drive is a service that allows digital data to be archived on a blockchain and stored as data that can never be removed.My heading is awesome


Easy token creation, buy and sell at any time. COMSA for selling and buying NFTs easily.My heading is awesome


XymHarvestMonitor is a Telegram bot that notifies you when Symbol harvesting has been collected.This bot currently supports Japanese and English and Russian, Italian.My heading is awesome

Symbol node list

This site provides a simple table of Symbol nodes and their importance. This site can be used as a reference to choose the right node for your harvesting. You can also see the owner of each node on the Twitter social network.My heading is awesome
symbol node list


This bot is made to track the NEM & SYMBOL Protocol Treasury. This bot was developed by 3 people:Klim ( ( (

Symbol Game Centre

On this page we would like to introduce you to games using the Symbol blockchain. Each of the games we present is quite unique, but they all have one thing in common are using the Symbol blockchain.

List of Exchanges for NEM and SYMBOL

Allows you to see which exchanges have added NEM (XEM) and which exchanges have added Symbol (XYM)
List of Exchanges for NEM and SYMBOL